Monarch Butterfly Haven





An exciting project came to us via a state park docent from the Monarch butterfly overwintering grounds at a nearby state park in Pismo Beach, who is a resident of the Arroyo Grande. 

Adult butterflies after overwintering in the Eucalyptus trees at the park, fly away in search of milkweed plants.  They also require nectars plants such as, Echinacea and Gallardia, fortunately many of these nectar plants are drought tolerant.  Three areas so far have been identified as perfect for “Butterfly Way Stations”, two were planted during March and April, one at the entrance of Strother Park and the other at the Paulding House.  Both of these areas have been maintained and planted in the past by AGIB. At the park entry sign area, a complete new landscape was installed, along with converting from overhead water to drip. 

At the park we had help from several other state park docents and members of another Rotary club. At the Paulding House we were able to work in the necessary plants amongst the existing shrubs and perennials. Three local neighbors are helping with turning on the irrigation in the garden. The third “Way Station” is at the entry to Rancho Grande Park. Again another area we have maintained but will be reworking almost entirely and again we will help from the Rotary club.

These gardens will be put on a national registry.