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(L) City Entry Signs

Entry signs to the City of Arroyo Grande were nondescript prior to the advent of Arroyo Grande in Bloom. The volunteers of Arroyo Grande in Bloom now maintain and beautify three major entry signs to the City. In the photo below, the entry sign located at Los Berros Road and Valley Road is now improved with bark provided by the city staff.  Arroyo Grande in Bloom volunteers spread 6 yards of bark on this area to beautify it.  The area is planted with succulents as there is no available water for the area.  Weed control is also maintained by Arroyo Grande in Bloom volunteers.

Village Map (F) - Floral Displays, (L) = Landscaping, (U) = Urban Forestry,
(G) = Turf/Groundcover, (T) = Tidiness (E) = Environmental,
(H) = Heritage, (I) = Community Involvement, (A) = Public Art