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(07/15) America in Bloom judges to visit AG July 12 to14

(10/14) Arroyo Grande wins five blooms once again at the 2014 America in Bloom Symposium. (read more)

Please enjoy some of our photos of past projects and events by clicking on the links below. Many thanks go to Vivian Krug for taking, compiling and hosting the photos on her Picasa page. Descriptive text is included for many of the projects/events.

• May 16th, 2009 Bridge Street in Bloom Celebration!
Bridge Street in Bloom, a dedication and fundraiser to the Flowers on Bridge Street was a huge success!

Earth Day 2009! Our entire community working together to promote recycling, green building, composting and more.

March 28th Paulding Work Party
What a group of hard workers. What a day. It was beautiful. The median in the driveway entrance to the Paulding house was a jungle. It now looks park like. We cleared all of the grass, bushes and trees except for three that we wanted to preserve. We filled two pick up trucks and a trailer with the debris and took it to the dump. Many thanks to the volunteers who made this task possible (and fun). Thanks to Jim Bergman (who also brought the AGIB trailer and a trailer for hauling debris), Mary Hertel (our wonderful landscape designer), Vivian Krug (who also took all of our pictures - except the one she is in that was taken by Bob!), Wanye Mills, Laurie Waller, Tom Goss, Mary and Pete Giambalvo (Pete also brought his pick up), John Schmeiser, Bill McCann, Terrie Leivers and Bob Lund. Thanks also to Gennaro Rosato from Siena Home Boutique on Bridge St for letlting us use his pick up for hauling debris."

March 21st Work Party
We had a great event today. Many thanks to Jim Bergman, Tom Goss, Mary & Pete Giambalvo, Vivian Krug, Ken Lehr, Michelle Mayfield, Ron Kindig, Judy & David Hirsch, Laurie Waller and myself. Also, many thanks to the Parks Dept. for providing us with 4 yards of bark to spread on the area by the entry sign at Grand and 101. Last weekend we finished planting the area.

February 2009 Work Party

Tree Planting, November 11th, 2008 - Slideshow

• November 8th 2008 (no photos at this time)
What a difference we made! It was extremely impressive with the turn out of volunteers, their enthusiasm, their work effort and the great results.

We had four projects going. Karen Franck and her team finished planting the pots in the Village (except for three that will be completed by Terri Lievers); Mary Hertel and her team completed the planting of 13 Little Ollies (small olive trees) and Geraniums they obtained from the Shell Station signage area; Tom Goss and his team completed the retaining wall behind Broadway Jewelers; Ron Kindig and his team completed the pruning and clean up of the parking lot behind City Council Chambers and Jim Bergman, Pete Giambalvo, Tony Ferrara, Nancy Parker and their team cleaned up the area above the 227 curve behind the Paulding School Athletic Building.

We accumulated a total of 145 work hours. Many, many thanks to Karen Franck, Mary Hertel, Tom Goss, Ron Kindig, Anya and Jim Bergman, Mary and Pete Giambalvo, Tony Ferrara, Nancy and Royce Giambalvo, Carol Hopper, Ken Lel(?sp) Bob Davis, Daniel Trees, Scott Trees, Vivan Krug, Ericka Harris, Dan Reeves, Ethelwynne Reeves, Steve Henry, Carey Nosler, Carolyn Kelley, Ken Kitchen, Nancy and Royce Parker, Dottie Ryan, John Greenleaf, Chris Ryan, Colleen Ryan, Chris Roullard, John Schmeiser, Cathy Murray, Pete (sorry Pete, could not read your last name), and Sandra Hawke. Sorry if any names were missed but it might be because you did not sign the Volunteer sheet.

Congratualtions to all of you for making Arroyo Grande a better place to live.

Make A Difference Day, October 25th, 2008

KIDS Lend a Hand!


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